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  Germans to America Series

Filby, P. William and Ira A. Glazier, eds. Germans to America : lists of passengers arriving at U.S. ports. Wilmington, Del. : Scholarly Resources, 1988 - .
Currently there are over 60 volumes covering the period of 1850-1891. When complete the series will index through 1893.

Although Germans to America is primarily an index to German immigrants to the United States, many Luxembourgers are also included in this index. It is not uncommon in ship's manifests - or U.S. federal census records for that matter - for Luxembourgers to be listed as German.

The original nine volumes of the series, covering the period of 1850-1855, indexed every passenger on a ship that had passengers from Germany. Later volumes list only those passengers identified as German. This resource should not be overlooked as a possible source of immigrant arrival information.

For example, the Anton Mans family emigrated to Ozaukee County, Wisconsin from Redange-sur-Attert, near Luxembourg's western border with Belgium. They sailed aboard the "Elizabeth Denison" from Antwerp to New York City, arriving 12 June 1854. The family is listed in Germans to America as:

Passenger Sex Age Occupation Province Destination
Manz, AntonM 49farmer GermanyUnited States
Cath.F 39" "
Elis.F 7child""
Cath.F 5child ""
Nicol.M 3child ""
Marg.F 6/12infant ""

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