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  Luxembourgers in the New World

Luxembourgers in the New World : a reedition based on the work of Nicholas Gonner "Die Luxemburger in der Neuen Welt", Dubuque, Iowa, 1889. Esch-sur-Alzette, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg : Editions-Reliures Schortgen, 1987.

Luxembourgers in the New World (LNW) contains valuable information about Luxembourg communities in the United States and their way of life. LNW was originally written and published in German by Nicholas Gonner, a Luxembourg immigrant, in 1889. In 1987, a reedition, and English translation, of LNW was published.

Volume I of the reedition contains several important indexes including priests with Luxembourg ancestry and some passenger manifests. Volume II is an index of Gonner's Luxemburger Gazette newspaper (1871-1918).

There is also a very useful essay about genealogy research in Luxembourg, with several case studies, including an explanation of the types of civil records collected in Luxembourg and the information generally contained in birth, marriage and death records, and their translations.

  Table of Contents

Volume One

Part I. "The Luxembourger migration between 1840 and 1890"
Includes a discussion of the circumstances in Luxembourg that lead to immigration, the effects emigration had on Luxembourg and an overview to immigration patterns by decade.
Part II. "Luxembourgers and Their Settlements in Various States of the Union"
Includes chapters for most of the midwestern United States, up to 1889.
Part III. "Aspects of the Luxembourger Presence in the United States"

Volume Two

An invaluable personal name and locality index to entries from the Luxemburger Gazette newspaper (1871-1918).

  Luxembourgers in the New World Holdings

Can I purchase a copy of LNW?
LNW is the definitive reference work for Luxembourg Americans. It can be difficult to find in the United States but a limited number of copies are available from Fausto Gardini,, for US$ 60.00 (shipping & handling included). This is a not-to-be missed opportunity!

Your Local Library
A number of libraries throughout the United States have copies of LNW. If your library doesn't have a copy, request to borrow a copy using your library's interlibrary loan service.

Books We Own List - Luxembourg
I will search the indexes of both volumes of LNW for individuals as part of the "Books We Own" project. A complete set of instructions for submitting requests is available at this site.

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