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  Luxembourg Genealogy Sites

Luxembourg Civil Registration Tables Decennales, 1853-1863
The "Tables Decennales" consist of ten-year compilations of civil birth, marriage and death records. The have been collected since 1807, when they were instituted during Luxembourg's occupation by France. This searchable database from the University of St. Thomas, in Minnesota, is invaluable for those trying to determine where in Luxembourg their ancestors emigrated from. The ten-year period of 1853-1863 was chosen because it is the most likely to have included individuals who migrated to North America in the nineteenth century.


WorldGenWeb: Luxembourg Home Page
Coordinated by W. David Samuelsen.


Luxembourg Genealogy Forum
Message board for posting questions about Luxembourg genealogy, family names, immigration, etc.


Research in Luxembourg
Therese Becker's overview to research in Luxembourg, including a discussion of civil registration, the French Republican Calendar and lists for German and French terms that frequently appear on civil documents. From the Luxembourg WorldGenWeb site.


On the Trail of Germanic Ancestors
RootsWeb's Guide to Tracing Family Trees, Lesson 26.


Chronology of Luxembourg History
From the Luxembourg WorldGenWeb site.


Luxembourg Genealogy
A general introduction to Luxembourg genealogy resources from the Luxembourg London Tourist office.


Luxembourg on My Mind
Great site from Fausto Gardini, a Luxembourger living in Atlanta, Georgia. This site is aimed at descendants of Luxembourg emigrants and is thorough and concise, arranging links in a questions and answer format.


Réseau international de recherches sur la généalogie
List of Luxembourg-related and general genealogy sites from the Human Migration Documentation Center in Luxembourg.


Genealogy Benelux Home Page
Johan Berteloot's Genealogy and Family History in Benelux site. Comprehensive Benelux genealogy site.


Benelux Newsgroup
Usenet newsgroup for those doing genealogical research in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. Many of the postings center around Dutch research (and are often in Dutch) but this is an excellent resource for making European contacts. Your browser must be configured to read Usenet newsgroups to use this link.


  Selected General Genealogy Sites

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
Cyndi Howell's widely acclaimed list of genealogy sites arranged into over 60 subject categories.


The Genealogy Home Page
Comprehensive web site with thirteen main categories including libraries, maps, newsgroups and a calendar of upcoming events.


Genealogy Resources on the Internet
Guide to genealogy resources arranged by type of Internet service; telnet, web, ftp, etc., and by an integrated alphabetical list of web resources.


Helm's Genealogy Toolbox
Well-organized site with specific categories for surnames, geographical regions, specific subjects and beginner resources. This site also has an internal search engine to help you locate information.


National Genealogical Society
The largest genealogical organization in the United States. They hold an annual conference, sponsor introductory courses and family history writing contests.


  Favorite Internet Gadgets

Birthdate Calculator
In the 19th century it was common for headstones to include the date of death and the age at death, but not the actual birthdate. This site from Ben Brucker converts the age and date of death into a birthdate.


Did your ancestors live in an urban area such as Chicago? This site maps addresses to their current location within major cities.


USGS Mapping Information Query Form
If you ancestors didn't live in a urban area, use the United States Geographical Survey site to locate rural towns and topographic features.


Frequency of Surnames in the U.S.
From the U.S. Census Bureau. The frequency of surnames in the United States based on data compiled from the 1990 census. Most frequent? Not surprising - Smith.


U.S. Surname Distribution
This site creates a map showing you the geographic distribution of the 50,000 most common surnames in the United States.


The Soundex Generator
Converts surnames into the correct Soundex code. More information about how Soundex indexing works is available from the National Archives soundex page.


First Name Basis || Behind the Name
Information about unusual first names, diminutives, nicknames and meanings.


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