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  Luxembourg Family Histories and Surname Sites

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Family history information including the following Luxembourg surnames:
Beck, Boesen, Clasen, Cloos, Dondelinger/Dondlinger, Esper, Even, Farmer, Hertel, Krick, Lanser, Lecher, Martin, Mayer, Miller, Peiffer, Roller, Stoffel, Thul, Uselding, Wellenstein, Weyker


Alff's Melmacian Page
Claude Alff's web site focusing on the Alff surname, as well as allied Schmitz and Hieff families.


Richard Duprel's Genealogy Page
Luxembourg surnames include: Steichen, Gilson, Mathey, Duprel, Dickes, Mamer, Delles, Beyser, Gresser, Seyler, Rach and Wirtz.


du Prel d'Erpeldange Family
This site is in French, but the genealogical information it contains is easy to understand.


Erpelding Family History & Genealogy
Researching Erpeldings in the following locations and time periods: Mankato, Blue Earth County, Minnesota; Rollingstone, Winona County, Minnesota; villages of Biwer and Betzdorf in the canton of Grevenmacher, Luxembourg before 1860.

The Lieffrig Family
Richard Liffrig's ancestors emigrated from the Luxembourg province of Belgium to central Minnesota.


Ney Family History
Final paper for a year-long genealogy certificate program at the University of Washington about my Luxembourg ancestors, John Peter Ney (1851-1920) and Margaret Mans (1854-1926), who settled in the town of Holy Cross in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin.


The Penning Family
Descendents of Johannes Peter Penning born in Schoenfels in 1771, including the Mathais Penning family of Leavenworth, KS.


Pletschette Family Tree


The Thomas Prost, Jr. Family
Tom Prost's great grandparents, Henry Prost and Helen Obladen, settled in Chicago, Illinois. Ancestral Luxembourg villages include Niederdonven, Oberdonven and Gostingen, as well as Nittel, Germany. Allied surnames include: Beckius, Bertrang, Boltz, Courte, Courth, Courthe, Demuth, Godar, Grosch, Hanzler, Hienkes, Kafs, Kass, Klein, Lentz, Medernach, Mesenburg, Molitor, Peters, Rech, Roob, Roos, Schartz, Schritz, Scholtes, Steil, Ulveling, Wagner, Waldgen, Wathier, Wattger, Weber, Weyer.


The Poull (Pull) Home Page
William Pull's descendants of Peter Poull (Pull) page.


David Schmit's Family Tree
Researching Luxembourg surnames: Schmit, Marson, Schons, Goergen, DeVillet and Thill.


The Schuetter & Schafer Family Home Page
Names include: Biever/Biewer, Turpel, Grasser and Conzemius. Emigrated from Erpeldange and Ettelbruck in Luxembourg to Chicago, IL.



Shumacher Family Home Page
Beginning in Senningen, Luxembourg about 1651.

Uselding Genealogy
Genealogy and local history references to the Uselding surname.


Our Family Tree: Imrie-Wampach Genealogy
Linda and Doug Wampach's web site.


Wenner - Pommes
Joe Miller's web site documents the experience of the S.S. England which was devasted by a cholera outbreak onboard in the spring of 1866 and was subsequently quarantined in Nova Scotia and New York. Among the passengers was his great-great grandmother Margaret Wenner and her brother Henry. Margaret later married Nicholas Pommes - a Luxembourg immigrant himself - in Worthington, Iowa. Margaret was orginally from Trintingen, Luxembourg, and other surnames include Simminger and Mousel.
Susanna Simmerl Youngblut
Suzanne L. Bunkers' book In Search of Susanna details her search for an elusive great-great-grandmother and her own self-discoveries along the way.

Susanna Simmerl was born on April 2, 1831, in Oberfeulen, Luxembourg. Her first child, a daughter, Barbara Simmerl, was born there on December 30, 1856. Susanna immigrated to the U.S. in the spring of 1857, along with her brother Peter Simmerl. In December 1857, Susanna married Frank Youngblut.


  General Surname Sites

The Surname Genealogy Web Project, whose aim is to centrally locate all the information available on a surname.


Frequency of Surnames in the U.S.
From the U.S. Census Bureau. The frequency of surnames in the United States based on data compiled from the 1990 census. Most frequent? Not surprising - Smith.


U.S. Surname Distribution
This site creates a map showing you the geographic distribution of the 50,000 most common surnames in the United States.


The Soundex Generator
Converts surnames into the correct Soundex code. More information about how Soundex indexing works is available from the National Archives soundex page.


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