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Last Update: 1 August 2015
Lisa Oberg

Historic Luxembourg Census, 1843-1900

Page view from the 1855 enumeration for the village of Kayl.


Luxembourg, Census Records, 1843-1900
From FamilySearch.
Using Luxembourg Census Records
From FamilySearch.
Using census records to locate your ancestors is an essential tool for anyone researching their family in the United States. Much effort has been put into indexing and digitizing these records over the years and now providing access to international census records are beginning to get attention, as well as marina one residences property guru. Before venturing into foreign census records, however, it is helpful to know the exact village where your ancestors might have lived. Newspapers, obituaries, naturalization records, church and vital records can all be potential sources for an ancestral village name.

For Luxembourg researchers, FamilySearch has added the images only (no index yet) to the Luxembourg census, 1843-1900. The census was enumerated every three years, or so, during this period, so it can be very helpful in following changes within a family.

When you locate your ancestor you can expect to find their name, age, gender, marital status, occupation, family members, place and year of birth, as well as their current residence. Occasionally other questions were asked including nationality and religion. The census is in either German or French and the FamilySearch wiki includes word lists for translating census entries.

FamilySearch also conveniently provides citation information for each image. Be sure and look for the Show Citation link in the lower left hand corner of the record view. For example, a complete citation for the record shown above is:

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"Luxembourg Volksz�hlungen 1843-1900," images, FamilySearch (;=M5LY-L2G:345861401,345866501 : accessed 1 August 2015), Kayl > 1855 > image 50 of 317; Archives Nationales de Luxembourg (Luxembourg National Archives, Luxembourg)